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Device Support Services

ATTENTION: If you have found that your device isn't being used to its full potential due to your specific disability and would like to donate it back for another Veteran to benefit from its use; the process is simple. Send us a "Contact" message and we will send you a box and a prepaid label and arrange the shipping for you.

Device Manuals
Support Requests Online

For main battery issues complete the battery application form and provide as much information on the form as possible. We will review your request and contact you.

For all other device issues complete the maintenance request form. (I.E.: key fob, tires, landing gear, seat cushions, hardware, etc....)

San Antonio Maintenance Fair

Join us in San Antonio to get your device maintenance issues evaluated and addressed by our support staff. We will be on hand to handle most maintenance issues on the spot. Some issues might require longer service to be performed at our warehouse in St. Louis.

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