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ALLY Chair

“Back in 2012, I received the 3rd ever manufactured seated Segway (ALLY Chair). Since then, I have put over 7,000 miles on that Segway and it’s carried me around the country. This ALLY Chair has given me the use of my hands, to carry my children, to toss around a football, to push a cart at the store... I can go through my yard, up steep inclines, and get where I need to go—fast. It has provided me with the ability to be a better father, a better husband and a better person. I am so incredibly thankful to this organization. 

—Jack Zimmerman, U.S. Army Specialist, Purple Heart Recipient. Jack is currently 30-years-old and was injured when he was 21. 

New Benefactor


“I discovered your group in a slightly unusual way. I am not a military veteran nor do I know anyone who was injured in military service. My wife and I once rode Segways, but I thought it was just an interesting technical gadget. I didn't know how fantastic it could be when applied to the right kind of problem. 


I recently attended a local dirt track racing event in Jackson, Minnesota with a good friend. We were waiting in a long line to pick up our tickets for the nights racing. Ahead of us, I noticed a young man that was slightly shorter than us in a group of obvious friends. We all moved ahead in line and were talking with our respective friends. It took me several minutes to realize that this young man was sitting on some kind of machine. I then realized that he didn't have any legs below mid-thigh. The machine was balancing for him. I also noticed that he was turning backwards and forwards talking to his buddies just as I was doing with my buddies. If you weren't paying careful attention, you wouldn't think that he was any different than the hundreds 

of guys moving through the lines. It was amazing. I discovered later that he was sitting on an Ally Chair. 


I'll never forget the feeling of how “normal” this whole scene was. He looked like one of the guys, was treated like one of the guys, and really didn't require any special treatment due to his injuries. He was one of the guys. I can't imagine what it is like to live with his injuries, but I can appreciate how valuable it is to just be one of the guys. Once I got home, I looked up Segway and “Segway Wheelchair" and eventually stumbled on the Ally Chair. This led me to your website. I read all of your information and it struck me how valuable your work has become. I loved the video of the veteran on his Ally Chair using his snow blower. That was all too normal for Minnesota in the winter! I also was impressed with the overall volunteer only focus. You are doing the Lord's work.”

Segs4Vets Recipient

ALLY Chair

“I’d like to report that the organization’s Segway ALLY Chair has significantly improved my quality of life — I almost cannot express how fortunate that I feel to have this chair. It has allowed me the freedom to participate in activities with my young boys that I would not otherwise be able to do, or not participate as well as I can with the product. Camping, fishing, dirt trails, yard work, coaching baseball, and just keeping up with them on their bikes. It has changed my life!”

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